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Slim. Pure. Elegant.

"sDock Fix is the flattest iPad wall mount on the market."

sDock Fix is an iPad wall mount for a permanent mounting system. The minimalistic design of sDock Fix, the flattest design of any wall mount with only 12 mm, emphasises the classic look of the iPad.

 •  Excellent
 •  Modular Design
 •  Minimalistic Design
 •  On Hand buttons
 •  Lockable

  • Wall mount for iPads.

    sDock is available for almost all iPads. You can mount it on the wall in horizontal or vertical position.

  • Easy to install - Easy to take out

    Placing your iPad in the sDock really couldn't be easier. Press the top holder of the sDock with the top of the iPad up slightly, place it against the sDock holder and lower it over the charger (30-pin or lightning). That's it!

  • Without sleeves!

    The smart:)things sDock is a holder and charger for your iPad. Special sleeves or cases are not required! Smaller iOS devices such as the iPad Mini or iPhone can also be charged, but cannot be docked.

  • Hidden wiring

    The iPad in the sDock can be charged via the internal USB connection without visible cables on the wall. This is possible with the original iPad charger, but we recommend the specially developed sCharge.

  • Mount

    Use it on a table or on the walls!

  • Fast charging

    Charging via 230V or with PoE!

  • Secure

    Securing mobile devices against theft!

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sDock Picture Exchange

  • Lockable

    At the office, at trade fairs, in hotels or in other public places, your iPad is protected against theft with the help of the standard supplied sLock. Only with the sLock key can the iPad be removed from the sDock holder.

  • A real eye-catcher - even without an iPad!

    No hooks, no "claws", no crosses or similar constructions on the wall when your iPad is away. None of that! Without an iPad, the sDock is a stylish photo frame and therefore fits into any interior. So you decide what you look at when you take your iPad out of the holder.

  • Personalize your sDock

    For projects, laser engraving is available on request for a completely individual look of the sDock. Contact us. Together we can turn your ideas into reality.

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Take an sDock at home

sDock is the iPad wall mount that belongs in every home. Because with or without an iPad, the sDock is a jewel in any interior. Give your iPad a central place, so you'll never lose it and it's always charged. An indispensable accessory in every kitchen. A permanent place in the bedroom to recharge at night. The perfect companion for the bathroom.

  • sDock at Office

    The iPad has now become established in every office, from small to large.

  • Fairs and Events

    Product presentations on your exhibition stand - directly from the iPad.

  • Ideal for Hotels

    As a control panel for light and climate, music source and alarm clock in the room.

  • In Care and Hospitals

    Doctors and nurses need immediate access to the most important patient records.


sDock is as versatile as the iPad and is used all over the world. The possibilities of sDock are literally limitless. Our sDock customers include:

Fritzmeier, Cedia, Zumtobel, Gira Homeserver, bControl, Deutsche Telekom, ABB Busch-Jaeger, Binz, denkform, TRUMP Med, Cancom, enz.

  • 2-year warranty & 14-day return policy

    We have 2 years warranty and a 14-day return policy on all our smart:)things products!

  • Award winning

    German Design Award 2018 & Top New Technology (TNT) Award 2019 winning smart:)things products.

  • Safe & Secure Checkout

    With SSL secured transactions and checkout, we accept all payment methods without charging extra cost.

  • Fast & free EU delivery

    We deliver (almost) anywhere you want. Next day delivery for orders made before 10 pm in The Netherlands.

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