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We design and manufacture intelligent products and smart solutions that make your life easier, safer and more comfortable. Via the registered 2USB brand we produce innovative easy to install USB outlets & powerful USB charging solutions.

We are a team that constantly questions, tinkers and challenges to unlock great products, solutions and ideas at every turn. In product development you're only as good as your last product, and the only way to keep developing great products and solutions is to work with great people that love what they do. That means we only hire the best. Those people that can't imagine doing anything else, that want to excel and expand on their potential.

  • Jean-Paul Otto

    Netherlands. CEO | R&D | International Sales

  • Daniel Kuiper

    Netherlands. COO | Finance

  • René Hendriksen

    China. R&D | Testing & Certification

  • Dirk Rabau

    China. Quality Consultant

  • Ben Geurdes

    Netherlands. Quality Manager

  • Jeroen Broerse

    Netherlands. Project Manager

  • Niels Kanters

    Netherlands. Supply Chain

  • Thomas Voglsam

    Austria. Country Sales Manager D-A-CH

  • Ditmar Kriegisch

    Netherlands. Sales Support D-A-CH

  • Agustina Gabioud

    Netherlands. Sales Representative

  • Sylvia Meijburg

    Netherlands. Office Manager

  • Roy Malaha

    Netherlands. Web Designer

  • Wim Leendertse

    Netherlands. Senior CAD Engineer

  • Milosz Bertman

    Netherlands. CAD Designer

  • Derk van Peer

    Netherlands. CAD Engineer

  • Maarten Groenenboom

    Netherlands. CAD Engineer

  • Product Development

    From idea to market ready product, we conceptualise a design, go through the rapid 3D prototyping, set up manufacturing at the right production facility and perform regular quality control checks. We present market ready products under our own brand (2USB) and those of our OEMs (that we are certified partner with), while protecting the intellectual property, and design rights. We can do the same for you!

  • Win Awards 🏆

    You will have award winning products with us as your USB Socket manufacturer. We produce the highest quality socket outlets and have won the iF Design Award for 2 consecutive years! Let's achieve this together for your company. Book a meeting with one of our sales representatives and let's get started!

  • Mass Production

    Our main efforts are concentrated on the professional market within the EU. We aim for enduring and mutually beneficial partnerships for our distribution and sales. To facilitate that we are pro-active with our target audience, at trade fairs and on social media. Interacting with consumers, testing the market, promoting our partners and identifying new opportunities for them.

Our Bestsellers

Our award-winning, premium, easy to install, power USB outlets are designed by our own in-house engineering team. Choose from different series, such as inCharge PRO, easyCharge and chargeUP. 

They are thoroughly tested and certified by renowned certification institutes, including TÜV, KEMA-KEUR by DEKRA and VDE. All 2USB products therefore conform to the latest international safety and design standards.

We offer compatibility with the switching ranges from many well known 3rd party brands, including ABB Busch-Jaeger, Berker, Gira, Hager, Jung, Merten and Schneider Electric.

Proudly designed in The Netherlands.

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  • Ditmar Kiriegisch

    Sales representative for BE-NE-LUX and D-A-CH. Ditmar speaks Dutch, English and German. His passion: Eintracht Frankfurt Football Club :)

  • Agustina Gabioud

    Sales representative for Europe. Agustina speaks Spanish and English. And yes, she has the best picture on this website :)

  • Thomas Voglsam

    Sales representative for D-A-CH. Thomas speaks German and English. He will charm you with his good looks. Be aware :)

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Frequently asked questions

Which USB developments can you make?

We can do everything!

How do I become a customer?

We will arrange a meeting where we can discuss your needs and our solutions. In this meeting we will guide you to the steps you can take to become a customer.

Can you make custom sockets?

Yes we can. Please fill in the contact form so we can arrange a meeting and discuss the opportunities.

Can we visit you guys?

Yes you can. Our office is in Dodrecht, in The Netherlands. Please contact us so we can arrange a meeting and have some delightful Dutch snacks prepared for you!

Which developments can you make?