Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Every 2USB outlet has a 2 year warranty for consumers. If the 2USB outlet would break down we will immediately send you a new one, if you return us the broken outlet. Only then we are able to research what the problem for break down was and improve these products for the future. For broken products please contact us at info@smarterliving.nl.

If you have a single outlet (with or without earthing), without any problems you can take it out of the wall box and replace it by a 2USB outlet. The 2USB outlet is a European standard design and fits in any regular wall box (of >40 mm built-in depth).

If you have a DUO outlet with 2 sockets without earthing, most of the time it is mounted on a single wall box. You also can replace this outlet without any problems for a 2USB outlet.

Do you have a DUO outlet with earthing or an outlet with switch? The 2USB outlet might not fit. You could consider to build a 2USB outlet in a cupboard, desk or cooking island in the kitchen.

The maximum capacity of a 2USB outlet is described on any given 2USB product page in our Shop. The power can differ between e.g. 12W and 15W or 2.4 and 3 Ampere, divided between the 2 USB ports (AA, AC or CC).

If you charge only one device, the charger will give you the maximum capacity of 12W or 15W. If you e.g. charge an iPad or iPhone on the same time, then the charger will divide the power equally between both devices.

In most but not all of the cases you charge faster via a 2USB outlet. A lot of manufacturers supply you with a charger with lower capacity than your new device can actually handle. Moreover be aware that not all manufacturers supply you with a separate charger anymore (e.g. Apple).


In general, if you order on working days before 21.00 pm you will receive the product the next day. We ship with PostNL. As soon as your order has been processed, you receive an email with track & trace number.

Consumers do not have to pay for any delivery costs.

We accept all common payment methods like iDeal, CreditCard and Paypal. Of course, we will not charge you extra for this. Go to our Payment options page for more information.


Only the original 2USB wall outlet comes with an extensive and clear manual in Dutch, German and English. For this we kindly refer you to the product pages in our Shop. Look at the separate PDF tab where you are able to preview and/or download the manual in PDF format.  

Need any help?

If you have any questions or suggestions send a message in the chat or feel free to contact us through our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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