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Smarter Living wins 2 iF Design Awards 2021!

We are proud to announce that Smarter Living has recently won two iF Design Awards in the category Product Design!

iF Design Awards

The IF Design Award dates back to 1953. According to the motto "The CreatiFe Power of Design”, each year the jury evaluates entries (almost 10,000 in a total of 9 disciplines this year!) and only awards an iF Design Award to products that win them over with their high design quality.

2USB inCharge PRO

The easy to install, power USB outlets inCharge PRO CC 15W and inCharge PRO RapidGaN AC 30W by registered trademark 2USB of Smarter Living are in essence regular sockets with rapid charging functionalities.

Via 2 USB ports two devices can be charged at the same time, ánd power e.g. your laptop, TV or vacuum cleaner too. So 3 devices empowered via one powerful USB outlet. One source fits all!

If you like to see all 2USB inCharge PRO outlets, go to our new shop.

2USB inCharge PRO CC 15W

The winner '2USB inCharge PRO CC 15W' is the first outlet in the 2USB inCharge PRO serie with CC ports, centred design and maximum adaptability.

This premium, European-standard socket features a built-in high-performance 15W USB port and two USB-C ports. While charging up to two devices simultaneously, the regular socket stays available for other uses. It's the only product in its class that's sized like a regular socket outlet, fits flush into industry-standard 55x55mm design frames, has a mounting depth between 28–32mm and has a built-in convenient 15W USB-C charger. No extra wiring or separate chargers are needed. This offers cost, time and environmental benefits, both for the installer and the end-user.

You can see more of this iF Product Design Award winner here.

2USB inCharge PRO RapidGaN AC 30W

The winner '2USB inCharge PRO RapidGaN AC 30W' is the first inCharge PRO with 30W! The first 2USB outlet than can charge a laptop.

The demand for power outlets in households is growing exponentially alongside the explosion of small consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets and accessories. One solution is to plug ugly and cumbersome multi-chargers into wall sockets. A safer and more elegant approach is provided by this socket outlet, which fits flush into industry-standard 55x55 mm design frames. It contains a standardized EU socket outlet with a built-in USB charger with an incredible 30W charging capacity. Optimum connectivity is assured by offering both USB standard connectors: One USB-A and one USB-C port. No extra wiring or separate charger is needed. This offers cost, time and environmental benefits, both for the installer and the end-user.

You can see more of this iF Product Design Award winner here.

Thank You

We are so grateful for winning with both entries! Therefore we like to thank everyone on the Smarter Living team, the jury of the iF Design Awards, partners and customers who believe in us and everyone who supports our 2USB dream: Designing the most powerful and easy to install USB outlets in the world!

More Info?

As proud winners we are delighted to tell you more on these two soon to be released USB outlets in 2021. In the meantime take a look in our brand new shop where you will find all the 2USB outlets, the inCharge PRO serie and other charging products from IPORT and smart:)things

The Smarter Living Management Team

Jean-Paul, Daniel & René



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