chargeUP TAE USB AA Glossy White

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chargeUP TAE USB AA Glossy White

chargeUP TAE USB AA Glossy White

Charging Station with USB AA Charger for 3rd party TAE covers

  • Innovative charging station with two USB-A ports
  • Lightning fast charging
  • two USB-A connections
  • Combine with 3rd party TAE design frames
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The chargeUP TAE with USB-AA is a stand-alone charging station with either 12W/2.4A or 19W/3.8A. The chargeUP TAE 12W or 19W offers an integrated USB charger with two USB connections. The USB charger has a total capacity of max. 12W/2.4A/5V or 19W/3.8A/5V, whereby two devices can be charged at the same time.

  • 250V ~ 16A outlet with increased touch protection
  • USB-A charging contacts with max. 12W/2.4A or 19W/3.8A
  • Built-in depth only 32mm
  • Space for wiring 0.75 mm and 2.5 mm
  • Compatible with design covers from third parties
  • Energy efficiency of 85%
  • Stand-by power of only 50mW
  • Certified by CE
  • Available in 2 colours
Power USB outlet
The built-in USB charger has a maximum capacity of either 12W/2.4A/5V or 19/3.8A/5V. Charging one or two mobile devices at the same time is no problem for the chargeUP TAE USB-AA.

Smart & efficient charging
The chargeUP TAE USB-AA is equipped with 2USB chargeMAX technology. 2USB chargeMAX technology dynamically detects the charging protocol of the connected device. This contributes to efficient and optimised charging. Whether you are in possession of an Apple® or Android® phone, 2USB chargeMAX ensures faster loading and saving time!

The chargeUP TAE USB-AA has a Power Efficiency of 85% and a sensationally low stand-by power of 50mW.

Easy to install
The installation depth of 32 mm gives the chargeUP TAE space for easy installation in any European standard flush-mounted box. Of course the chargeUP TAE is provided with the possibility to loop through. The screw connections are suitable for both 1.5mm2 and 2.5mm2 installation wires with flexible or solid core.

The chargeUP TAE USB-AA can be mounted directly on the junction box with the aid of screw fastening or, if this is not possible, with the claws supplied.The installation of the chargeUP TAE USB-AA is very easy and extremely fast.

The use of high-quality materials and consistent quality inspections in our production guarantee top quality and a perfect and safe product.

Manual & Datasheet
The chargeUP TAE USB-AA is delivered in attractive packaging, including clear user and assembly instructions in various languages: Dutch, German and English. 



In the wall



Product type

USB charging station


Squared or Rounded



USB charger capacity

12W/2.4A/5V or 19W/3.8A/5V

USB charger output

0,01 - 2,4A or 0,01 - 3,8A

Input Voltage

250V~ 50Hz


Type F


1.5 - 2.5mm2 installation wire



DE WEEE Registration Nr. 65851099 


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  • Multi-in-one solution

    While charging via the built-in USB connections, you can also use the 220V socket outlet. Thanks to the total capacity of 16A/220V, it does not matter what device you connect or charge.

    All 2USB outlets are two-in-one, three-in-one or four-in-one solutions!

  • Fast charging

    All 2USB products are equipped with 2USB chargeMAX technology. It dynamically detects the charging protocol of the connected device for smart and efficient charging.

    2USB chargeMAX ensures fast charging without damaging the battery of your device!

  • Easy to install

    2USB outlets are easy to install. Just as easy as a regular socket. All our socket outlets have double terminal or screw connections and are suitable for installation wires from 1.5 to 2.5mm2.

    With a clear manual and easy to install product, you'll have the job done in no time!

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  • 3-year warranty & 14-day return policy

    We have a 3-year instead of 2-year legally EU warranty and 14 day return policy on all our products!

  • Directly from manufacturer

    Our 2USB products are designed in The Netherlands by our engineers and sold directly to you.

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Do you have guarentee?

We have 3-year instead of 2-year legally EU warranty on our 2USB products and 14-day return policy on all our products!

For more information please visit our return/refund policy.

What is the delivery time & costs?

In general, if you order on work days before 22:00 hours you will receive the product the next day. As soon as your order has been processed, you receive an email with track & trace. Consumers do not pay for the delivery costs.

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Where are the products made?

Our products are designed by our own engineers in The Netherlands and directly sold to you. Made and assembled in China.

Can I replace my current socket?

If you have a single socket outlet you can easily replace it for a 2USB socket. The wiring instructions you can find in the manual included in the product box. Please respect the local regulations and make sure that you always connect a decent earthing cable.

Do you have certificates?

Yes, our products are certified.

What is the maximum charging capacity?

The max. capacity of a socket outlet is described on any given 2USB product page in our Shop. The power can differ between e.g. 12W & 15W or 2.4A & 3A, divided between the 2 USB ports. If you charge only 1 device, the charger will give you the maximum capacity of 12W or 15W.

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