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inCharge PRO SI AC Glossy White

inCharge PRO SI AC Glossy White

Single Socket Outlet with 15W USB AC Charger

  • Efficient charging with our chargeMAX technology
  • Increased touch protection for safety
  • Easy installation with 32mm depth & 8 screw points
  • Compatible with rounded corner "SI"-type switchgear covers

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  • Dutch Design
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  • 30 days return policy
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Upgrade your home's charging capabilities with this 250V ~ 16A power outlet, featuring a built-in USB charger of the latest generation with a max capacity of 15W/3A.

  • 250V 16A socket with increased touch protection
  • USB-A & USB-C charging contacts with max. 15W/3A
  • Equipped with KEMA-KEUR label and VDE certificate
  • In 2 colours available
  • Fits in 54*54 cover frames from Busch-Jaeger Reflex SI, DURO SI and Klein-SI
  • Built-in depth 32mm - fits 40, 50 and 60mm flush-mounted boxes
  • Standby usage less than 80mW

The 2USB inCharge PRO SI outlet with USB-AC 15W/3A is a socket outlet of the newest generation with a maximum capacity of 250VAC/ 16A including USB charger with a total capacity of 5V/15W/3A distributed over two USB outputs (1 USB-A, 1 USB-C).

The USB connections are placed at the frontside of the inCharge PRO SI AC 15W, just above the grounded outlet, ensuring optimal access to the USB ports. The cover of the inCharge PRO SI has a size of 54*54 mm, and is available in glossy white and glossy cream. It has been specifically made to fit wall socket material with rounded corners, for example the Busch-Jäger Reflex-SI, DURO SI or KLEIN-SI series.

Any combination is conceivable. Combine the inCharge PRO SI AC 15W with a regular socket or with a light switch. Or place two inCharge PRO SI’s side by side for four-fold charging comfort.

The inCharge PRO SI AC 15W is equipped with 2USB chargeMAX technology, essential for smart and efficient charging. 2USB chargeMAX technology dynamically detects the charging protocol of the connected device. This contributes to efficient and optimised charging. Whether you are in possession of an Apple® or Android® phone, 2USB chargeMAX ensures faster loading and saving time!

In addition to the built-in USB charger with two USB outputs, the inCharge PRO SI AC 15W is a 'regular' 16A 250VAC socket with increased touch protection. This means that even the most demanding devices such as a drill, vacuum cleaner or iron can be powered while two mobile devices can be charged in the meantime.

The inCharge PRO SI AC 15W has an energy efficiency of 82%. When the socket is not in use, it has a sensationally low stand-by power of less than 80mW.

Unique to all inCharge PRO wall sockets is it’s signature installation depth of only 32mm. With this, this wall socket with double USB charging socket fits in every standard European flush-mounted box. The inCharge PRO SI is therefore extremely suitable for both new construction and renovation projects.

Mounting and installation is as easy as a normal wall socket without a USB charger. The double terminal connections are suitable for 1.5 mm2 to 2.5 mm2 installation wire with solid core and make it possible to loop through.

The sturdy mounting frame with no less than 8 screw mounting points offers maximum flexibility and compatibility for all common flush-mounted boxes. If screw mounting is not possible, the supplied claws can be used.

The use of high-quality materials and consistent quality inspections in our production guarantee top quality and a perfect and safe product.

The inCharge PRO SI AC 15W comes in attractive packaging, including clear user and assembly instructions in various languages: Dutch, German and English.

Category In the wall
Collection 2USB
Product type USB Wall Outlets
Corners Rounded
Certifications KEMA-KEUR, VDE
USB charger capacity 15W/3A/5V
USB charger output 0,01 - 3A
Plug F-type
Material Plastic
DE WEEE Registration Nr. 65851099 


Datasheet - 2USB inCharge PRO SI USB AC outlet 15.0W/3.0A

Manual - 2USB inCharge PRO SI USB AC outlet 15.0W/3.0A

  • Multi-in-één oplossing

    Tijdens het opladen via de ingebouwde USB-aansluitingen kun je ook gebruik maken van het 220V stopcontact. Dankzij het totale vermogen van 16A/220V maakt het niet uit welk apparaat je aansluit of oplaadt.

    Alle 2USB stopcontacten zijn twee-in-een, drie-in-een of vier-in-een oplossingen!

  • Snel opladen

    Alle 2USB-producten zijn uitgerust met 2USB chargeMAX-technologie. Het detecteert dynamisch het laadprotocol van het aangesloten apparaat voor slim en efficiënt opladen.

    2USB chargeMAX zorgt voor snel opladen zonder de batterij van je toestel te beschadigen!

  • Makkelijk te installeren

    2USB-wandcontactdozen zijn eenvoudig te installeren. Net zo makkelijk als een gewoon stopcontact. Al onze wandcontactdozen hebben dubbele klem- of schroefaansluitingen en zijn geschikt voor installatiedraden van 1,5 tot 2,5 mm2.

    Met een duidelijke handleiding en eenvoudig te installeren product heb je de klus zo geklaard!

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