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2USB easyCharge USB AA outlet & phone stand 12.0W/2.4A

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Standalone outlet 250V~ 16A with unique phone stand and 12 Watt USB charger and 2 USB-A ports.

  • 250V ~ 16A outlet with increased touch protection
  • 80x80mm and a thickness of only 26mm
  • USB-AA charging contacts with max. 12W/2.4A
  • Mounting depth 15mm
  • Certified by CE
  • Available in 1 colour

The 2USB easyCharge USB-AA outlet with phone stand of 12W is a stand-alone European style wall outlet with a unique device stand and USB charger. The original and attractive design offers an earthed 250VAC / 16A socket, an integrated 12W/2.4A USB charger, and two USB-AA ports that allow for simultaneous charging of 2 devices.

The USB charging ports are located at the bottom edge, keeping them out of immediate sight, still easily accessible for wired charging.

Phone stand design
The device stand at the top edge is a refreshing alternative to the charging dilemma users face when using conventional wall outlets. The silicone inlay offers protection from scratches and falling, while charging your device. Its width, at 10 mm, makes it suitable for most, if not all, modern smartphones up to a 7 inch screen size.

The easyCharge USB-AA outlet with phone stand is has clean lines and a timeless design. Thanks to its neutral color scheme, a combination of pure white glossy and a light grey inlay, and the minimalist dimensions of 80x80mm and a thickness of only 26mm, it is a valuable asset to your home.

Power USB outlet
The built-in USB charger has a maximum capacity of 12W/2.4A which is abundantly sufficient for simultaneous charging of up to 2 devices. In addition to the extra comfort of the built-in USB charger and phone stand, the easyCharge USB-AA is equipped with a regular 250VAC 16A grounded socket outlet with built-in increased touch protection. This way you can power even the most demanding devices such as a drill, vacuum cleaner or iron, while your phone continues to charge.

Smart & efficient charging
Additionally it is equipped with 2USB chargeMAX technology, essential for smart and efficient charging. 2USB chargeMAX technology dynamically detects the charging protocol of the connected device. This contributes to efficient and optimised charging. Whether you are in possession of an Apple® or Android® phone, 2USB chargeMAX ensures faster loading, quite the time-saver!

Easy to install
The installation depth of a mere 12mm, the easyCharge USB-AA with phone stand 12W/2.4A really fits into any standard European flush-mounted box. Of course, the easyCharge USB-AA outlet is equipped with the option to daisy-chain. The screw connections are suitable for both 1.5mm2 and 2.5mm2 installation wires with flexible or solid core.

The easyCharge USB-AA outlet with phone stand 12W/2.4A can be mounted directly on the junction box using screw mounting or, if this is not possible, with the claws provided. For maximum strength and stability, two additional attachment points are provided at the top left and right.

The installation of the easyCharge USB-AA with phone stand is very simple and is completed in two shakes. The use of high-quality materials and regular quality audits in our production facility guarantee a top quality and safe product, for you to enjoy for a long time. 

Manual & Datasheet
The easyCharge USB-AA outlet with phone stand 12W comes in attractive packaging, including clear assembly instructions in various languages, including Dutch, German and English. 



On The Wall / In The Wall



Product type

USB wall outlets





USB charger capacity


USB charger output

0,01 - 2.4A

Input Voltage

250V~ 50Hz


Type F


1.5 - 2.5mm2 installation wire



DE WEEE Registration Nr. 65851099