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inCharge Pro Monoblock AA

inCharge Pro Monoblock AA

Standalone Single Socket Outlet with 12W USB AA Charger

  • High-speed charging up to 12W/2.4A
  • Dual charging with USB and regular outlet
  • Energy efficient with low standby power
  • Easy to install with 32mm depth

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Color: Glanzend wit
  • Dutch Design
  • 30 Day Return Policy
  • Easy Installation & reliable instruction

Enjoy fast charging with this 250V~16A power outlet and USB charger, boasting a high capacity of up to 12W/2.4A.

  • 250V ~ 16A outlet with increased touch protection
  • USB-AA charging contacts with max. 12W/2.4A
  • Built-in depth only 32mm
  • Energy efficiency of 86%
  • Stand-by power of less than 50mW
  • Certified by KEMA-KEUR
  • Available in 1 colour 

Standalone wall socket outlet 250V˜ 16A with an integrated USB charger maximum capacity of 5V/12W/2.4A. The 2USB Monoblock USB-AA outlet is a standalone earthed European style wall socket with an integrated USB charger that can deliver a powerful 12W 2.4A charging capacity over 2 USB ports, allowing for simultaneous charging of 2 devices.

Power USB outlet
In addition to the built-in USB charger with 2 USB-AA outputs, it is a 'regular' 16A 250VAC socket with increased touch protection. Even the most demanding devices such as a drill, vacuum cleaner or iron can be powered while two mobile devices can be charged at the same time.

Smart & efficient charging
As with all 2USB products the Monoblock USB-AA is equipped with our unique chargeMAX technology. ChargeMAX recognises your device and automatically detects its charging protocol to enable efficient and optimised charging, while protecting your devices battery from overloading (energy efficiency of 86%). The standby power when not using the socket is sensationally low with less than 50mW.

Easy to install
The installation depth of 32mm this wall sockets fits into any standard European wall. It is equipped with the option to daisy-chain and the screw connections are suitable for both 1.5mm2 and 2.5mm2 installation wires with flexible or solid core. It can be mounted directly on the junction box using screw mounting or, if this is not possible, with the provided claws.

You don’t need a frame from another supplier, the Monoblock USB-AA is a complete standalone product. Due to its clean lines and timeless design as well as a neutral glossy white color this product is a valuable addition to the atmosphere in your home.

The 2USB Monoblock USB-AA is certified with Dutch KEMA-KEUR by DEKRA as well as German VDE certificate. The use of high quality materials, regular quality audits in our production facilities and extensive testing guarantees a safe product and good quality.

Manual & Datasheet
The Monoblock USB-AA comes in attractive packaging, including clear user and assembly instructions in various languages: Dutch, German and English. See also the PDF tab for manual and datasheet. 



In The Wall



Product type

USB wall outlets





USB charger capacity


USB charger output

0,01 - 2.4A

Input Voltage

250V~ 50Hz


Type F


1.5 - 2.5mm2 installation wire



DE WEEE Registration Nr. 65851099 



Datasheet - 2USB inCharge PRO Monoblock USB AA outlet 12.0W/2.4A

Manual - 2USB inCharge PRO Monoblock USB AA outlet 12.0W/2.4A

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  • Multi-in-one solution

    While charging via the built-in USB connections, you can also use the 220V socket outlet. Thanks to the total capacity of 16A/220V, it does not matter what device you connect or charge.

    All 2USB outlets are two-in-one, three-in-one or four-in-one solutions!

  • Fast charging

    All 2USB products are equipped with 2USB chargeMAX technology. It dynamically detects the charging protocol of the connected device for smart and efficient charging.

    2USB chargeMAX ensures fast charging without damaging the battery of your device!

  • Easy to install

    2USB outlets are easy to install. Just as easy as a regular socket. All our socket outlets have double terminal or screw connections and are suitable for installation wires from 1.5 to 2.5mm2.

    With a clear manual and easy to install product, you'll have the job done in no time!

  • 3-year warranty

    We go above and beyond for our customers by offering a 3-year extended warranty for peace of mind.

    Our warranty policy 
  • Factory direct

    2USB products are sold directly to you for maximum affordability and quality assurance.

  • Dutch Design

    All 2USB products are proudly designed and engineered by our skilled professionals in The Netherlands.

  • 30 Day returns

    Enjoy worry-free shopping with our 30-day hassle-free return policy, providing you with assurance and convenience.

    Our refund policy 

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