Compatibility 2USB with Gira USB socket outlets

Have you always wanted to convert your standard wall sockets to USB wall sockets? Tired of searching and couldn’t decide on which USB outlet lives up to its name? You don’t have to be concerned any longer, because the 2USB easy to install, power USB outlets are the solution! 


The 2USB wall sockets (single socket outlets - SSO) are compatible with A brands: Gira, Jung, Merten, Berker, Busch-Jaeger and PEHA that include a built-in USB-charger that is equipped with smart 2USB chargeMAX technology for faster charging regardless of the brand of your phone or tablet. You will have access to not just one but two USB connectors as well as keeping the outlet free. A three in one solution!


The use of high-quality materials and consistent quality inspections in our production guarantee top quality and a perfect and safe product. Lastly, all 2USB products come in an attractive packaging, including clear user and assembly instructions in various languages such as Dutch, German, and English.


Compatibility with GIRA series: